Admission and Requirements


KIES believes that those students who demonstrate the desire to learn should be given every opportunity to do so.

Every student who wants to learn will not only enhance their chances of success, but that of their peers too by helping to create and maintain a learning culture in the school. It should be agreed that it is unacceptable that other childrens learning be adversely effected by poor behavior or inappropriate attitude of one or more children in a class or around the school.

The school expects the highest standards of behaviour and moral values from all of its students and reserves the right to address any breaches in these with students and parents immediately to ensure the smooth functioning of the school and its learning aims. Children are young and developing adults and only learning by example and constant encouragement by teachers and parents alike will assist them in developing into mature and responsible, well educated young people.

The admission requirements and procedures for all students are described below:
All students will normally join Year groups of their correct age level.
The school is divided into:
KG and Reception Early Years
Years 1 and 2 Key Stage 1
Years 3 to 6 Key Stage 2
Years 7, 8 and 9 Key Stage 3
Years 10 and 11 IGCSE - Two Year course
Year 12 AS level

Students entering KG and Reception must be toilet-trained and out of Pampers.

Students entering Years 1-9 must have a reasonable and increasing command of the English language.

The school will deliver all of its lessons and activities, except Arabic Studies, in English. It is expected that all spoken conversation in the school will also be in English in an attempt to increase the acquisition of the English Language for all children.

New entrants will be expected to reach a satisfactory standard in English and Maths Entrance Tests.

They must have a copy of the last and earlier School Reports from their previous school. These must indicate clearly a successful academic year, good attitude to work and school and promotion to the next year is recommended.

Students wishing to register in Year 10 must have already reached the required standard in their studies to proceed to IGCSE subjects.

Any student wishing to join Year 11 must have been following all IGCSE courses and achieved a successful standard in their previous school.

Similarly, students wishing to register in Years 12 and 13 must have reached the required standard and pre-qualifications to continue to study at AS and A level. Students wishing to transfer into Year 12 must normally achieve 5 or more C's and above in their IGCSE Examinations

Students who do not achieve this standard may be allowed to re-sit IGCSE. In this case, they will attend all Year 11 lessons. This will ensure proper preparation for examinations in November or Summer with specialist teachers and classes.

Admission will be dependent on the same criteria as other Years, a good previous Year's Report indicating a good attitude to work and consistent good behavior

Admission to AS level course - Year 12

It is expected that students wishing to achieve success at his level will first have demonstrated a certain level of academic ability.

A minimum Grade C or above at IGCSE is required in a subject that is to be continued at AS level. This does not apply to certain new courses that are not normally offered at IGCSE.

Students are normally expected to have demonstrated a minimum of 5 Grade C or above, or equivalent, as entry requirement to commence AS level courses. Anything less than this is proven to indicate that success at AS level will be extremely difficult for a candidate to achieve.

Promotion to A level will be dependent on success achieved at AS level.

Re-sitting IGCSE Examinations:
Year 12 is NOT a re-sit Year.
Students entering Year 12 will normally start 4 AS level courses. They may re-sit one or two IGCSE's as required but not normally in their AS subjects where they will already have achieved at least a Grade C. AS level course are too demanding for most students to be following more than four subject.

Promotion between Years:

At all stages, promotion to the next Academic Year is dependent on students completing the Year to a satisfactory standard. In some case, a student may be held back, or in case of a record of poor and unacceptable behavior or attitude to school they will be asked not to return to the school for the new Academic Year. Parents should be fully aware of this and have been fully consulted during the Year.

It is a school policy that all new students wishing to register at the school will be interviewed by the Principal or a senior member of school staff.

Transfer Certificates are required for all students joining from another school.

The school has an established Special Needs Department. It is restricted to those authorized by the Ministry and currently only offers this to children in Years 1-7

All official documentation required by the Ministry must be completed and age and eligibility to register in a foreign school must be established.

A non-refundable deposit is required at Registration.

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